A downloadable game for Android

The 'Hoomans' in this game get bored pretty soon (much like our 'newer' generation kids these days) and it is up to you to keep them moving around or they 'die of boredom'.

This is the first ever (personal)  game project that I've  been able to complete( although there doesn't seem to be much in it yet). I've kept it's status as prototype because I plan to add more features to the game in the future (only if I get a good response). So if you like the game( or if it was successful in taking a few minutes of your life :P) please make sure to provide some feedback (or even better: share the game with your friends) 

Install instructions

Installation on Android

Download the apk and open it. 

If you're new to apks, it'll ask you to change the permission.


LivenUp!.V1.0.apk 30 MB

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